According to UNE 23032:2015, evacuation plans have the function of informing the occupants of a situation of evacuation routes, manual fire protection media and alarm and fire systems and warning and alarm systems, in case of emergency.

Evacuation plans or you. It's here from Artser they have incorporated a UV protection layer and antigraffiti and are produced in different finishes and measures, as well as in any language that is requested, always following the current regulations. Artser It also manufactures Accessible Evacuation Planes using touch plates in altorrelieve and Braille, complying with the regulations of the Spanish Braille Commission of ONCE 2006.

Support or material base according to UNE 23727/90: PVC type M1 (self-extinguishable) or aluminum.

The sizes according to UNE-EN ISO 216: minimum size 297x420mm (A3), with the exception of the room plans that can be at least 210x297mm (A4) Photoluminescence according to UNE 23035:2003: according to the standard the signals must be visible in case of the failure of the normal lighting and therefore must meet the requirements of the photoluminescence of Class A.

Symbol and colors according to UNE 23032:2015: symbols and colors to be used on evacuation planes are those collected in the UNE 23033, UNE 23034 and the UNE 41501 standard for accessibility symbols.

We produce emergency plans for hotels, hospitals, schools, industries, large surfaces, etc.

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