Señalización Fotoluminiscente para túneles

If the signaling for itself is already important, in the tunnels is more than necessaryfor this reason Artser dedicates its effort to offer this high intensity luminiscent product.

Artser StarIt's a high-intensity luminiscent signaling. It is excellent in facilities where environmental conditions are extreme.

It offers great resistance to mechanical and abrasive rock. Resistant to chemical and climate environments.

For soil beacons we apply anti-slip protection.

The supports we use are Stainless Steel. AISI 316 with 1mm thick nickel, Chrome and Molybdenum alloy and 1mm thick Aluminium. The Fotoluminiscente product is made from pigments composed of inorganic Aluminates, totally inert, not toxic, or radioactive. They are resistant to δ1000oC.

Evacuation routes, fires, beacons.

Señalización Fotoluminiscente para túneles

Reflective effect

Señalización Fotoluminiscente para túneles

Effect Reflectoluminiscente

Señalización Fotoluminiscente para túneles

How it acts

The reflective behavior of the signal acts at the time the photoluminescent components are no longer effective.
Aluminium signaling of 1 mm thick, class A luminiscent or high intensity (Artser star) and Reflective level 3 with omnidirectional orientation of high brightness.