Planos de evacuación
Planos de evacuación

Evacuation plans have the function of informing the occupants of an establishment of the situation of evacuation routes, manual fire protection media, warning and alarm systems, in cases of emergencies.

Evacuation plans are part of the general emergency signalling system of an establishment.

The installations with photoluminescent evacuation plans should be in Class A in the centers where the activities described in Annex 1 of the Basic Standard of Self-Protection, Royal Decree 393/2017, of 23 March.

These plans will be in accordance with the new UNE 23032-15 standard contemplated in the RIPCI.

According to this rule, the Evacuation Plan should include:

  • Words "Evacation Plan" in the heading.
  • "You're here."
  • Main evacuation routes, differentiated secondary.
  • Location of stairs and emergency lifts.
  • A well-oriented plan based on the situation of the observer.
  • Firefighting manuals.
  • Zones of refuge and Meeting Points.
  • Instructions for action in cases of emergency and Legend of the symbolism used in the plane. (minimum in Spanish and English).

ArtSer's evacuation plans carry antigrafiti UV protection and are made in different finishes and materials.

See Premium Line

PVC base or material (M1), Aluminium, Metacrilate, Steel.

Planos de evacuación
Planos de evacuación