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Artser s.l. in its 29th Anniversaryand faithful to the values of our beginning, Quality, Service, SustainabilityWe have prepared this catalogue, waiting for them to be of great use. We aim to offer a quality of products faithful to the expectations of each customer, as well as the Environmental management necessary to ensure that our activities and services are carried out with the utmost respect for the environment.

Artserfrom its new facilities, it has expanded and updated:

Quality Laboratoryoffering more safety, traceability and comprehensive control of the product throughout all its processes.

From the R & D department our engineering and technical staff work to offer them the best and most innovative product.

The production department has been expanded with state-of-the-art sustainable machinery for manufacturing in Digital Printing, Screening and Painting.

Ours Warehouse finished product has been expanded thus achieving a better customer service.

Artser bet for more consistent products with the environment, therefore, our main raw material, as PVC and aluminum are acquired in the CEE. More information will be found inside the catalogue.

All our Know-How accumulated during these more than 29 years, allows us to work materials such as aluminum, steel, methacrylate, polycarbonate, glass, among others, offering them impeccable finishes and high-end designs.

We recommend that you consult this same catalog the Premium Line section. This is an exclusive marking line manufactured almost handmade, using high quality materials and intended for projects that require a high degree of exclusivity and distinction. With our experience and advice, we manufacture the signals completely customized.

Professionals of the Screen printing and Digital Printing

Comprometidos con el medio ambiente


Artser it is composed of a team of professionals with great experience in the sector and continuous training, thanks to which it offers quality products with the best service, together with the advice necessary to solve any type of doubt, whether about products and their installation, or on regulations to apply.


Our main objective is to provide our customers with the opportunity to be beneficiaries of our Know-How, in turn, to win in distinction and efficiency against their competitors.


  • Excellence and sustainability in all our products and services
  • Rapid response and professionalism for all your projects
  • 100% customer oriented
  • Technical advice
  • Trust and trust
  • Excellent and close treatment to our customers

Certified quality

The Quality Management System Artser is certified by AENOR according to ISO 9001 Standard and also has its main signaling lines with AENOR product certificate. In addition, it is in the process of implanting the Standard ISO 14001 in its system, to demonstrate its responsibility and commitment to environmental protection.

Calidad certificada

Quality and environment policy

ART – SER is a company with more than 45 years of experience in the serigraphy, painting and labelling sector. Specialized in emergency photoluminescent signaling and fire material offering your customers a personalized service.

The organization of ART – SER aims to provide a quality of products and services faithful to the expectations of each customer, as well as the Environmental Management necessary to ensure that our activities and services are carried out with the utmost respect for the environment.

The management of quality and the environment is based on the Continuing Improvement of our integrated management system, complying with the applicable legal requirements and undertaking the following principles:

- Launch as many actions are necessary to achieve the continuous improvement of the integrated management system in all its fields, involving all the staff of the company.

- Lead efforts to know the requirements, needs and expectations of stakeholders, offering customers products that meet them with quality criteria, economy, security and appropriate environmental behavior.

- Comply with both legal and regulatory requirements applicable to it and others that the organization voluntarily assumes, always maintaining a communication that generates confidence with the parties concerned.

- Promote the training of staff in order to ensure a responsible exercise of their functions in terms of quality and environmental protection.

- Promote the rational use of energy resources and raw materials, in addition to promoting the sustainability of activities and the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention.

Management commits and calls for the commitment of all the employees of the Organization, as appropriate, to develop, refine and apply the quality and environment criteria defined in the documents of the Integrated Management System, in addition to reviewing this policy for its continued adequacy that serves to define and monitor quality and environment objectives.

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