ART-SER launches three new catalogs

ART-SER launches three new catalogs

ART-SER takes advantage of the SICUR contest to launch its new logo, updated after fifteen years. Along with the new company image, three catalogs are also presented: The "General", the "Basic Signs" and the "Special Finishes". In the general catalog, the company presents its entire range of signs, of different models, materials and measures.


In addition to the products and signs mentioned above, the new ART-SER catalog, with the intention of advising its clients in the best possible way, makes a mention of the current UNE regulations, Technical Building Code (CTE) and the Royal Decree 485/97. Measurements, distances and luminescence. Improving the previous edition, ART-SER, puts the emphasis on the section of photoluminescent beacons, floors, walls, stairs and doors, indicating minimum measures and useful advice about their installation. In this regard, the firm states that "renewed and expanded in some product lines, this catalog is designed to become a good working tool for all our clients."


The “Basic Signals” catalog is focused on the client, especially dedicated to the installation of fire-fighting means and the supply of labor protection means. It contains the basic models as indicated in the catalog itself, in the most frequent measurements and materials. All these models will be of immediate delivery.


In its quest for research and renovation, ART-SER has created the new “Special Finishes” catalog. It includes a new line of products, emergency signs, fire fighting, evacuation, informational signage and special signs with other types of finishes, more elaborate and with design. Materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, methacrylate, polycarbonate, PVC, wood, etc. “What we intend with this catalog - quoted by Mr. Jordi Font, Manager of the company - is to suggest to our clients that the safety and emergency signs that the current regulations have to comply with can perfectly have more aesthetics, more design and continue to comply with the time with this one. In other words, the aesthetics, quality and design are fully compatible with the regulations ”.

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