Approved the regulation of fire protection facilities

Approved the regulation of fire protection facilities

The Council of Ministers approved on May 19, through a Royal Decree, the Regulation of Fire Protection Installations (RIPCI) . As members of TECNIFUEGO - AESPI we are pleased to announce the renewal of said regulation since it is fundamental for fire safety since it incorporates both the requirements derived from the implementation of European legislation, as well as the regulation of sectors that were not contemplated and products that were not covered by harmonized standards.

In the publication made by La Moncloa, the following aspects are specified:

    1. The conditions and requirements that fire protection equipment, systems and components must meet.
    2. The conditions of authorization and operation of the installation and maintenance companies.
    3. The conditions for the installation, commissioning, minimum maintenance and periodic inspections of these facilities.
    4. The sanctioning regime.

This new regulation will come into force as of December 12, the date on which the current Royal Decree in force will be repealed.

For more information, you can go to the news on the official website of TECNIFUEGO-AESPI.

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