Art Ser specialists in screen printing and digital printing

Art Ser specialists in screen printing and digital printing

Currently, the requirements to perform evacuation calculations (width of doors, corridors, distance of routes, number of exits, etc.) are included in the Technical Building Code (CTE) in the case of buildings, and the Fire Safety Regulation in industrial establishments (RSCIEI), in the case of industrial establishments, but there are no specific regulations for open spaces. Given the characteristics of these spaces, the regulations do not always provide adequate solutions; for example, they present limitations when it comes to delimiting the capacity and evacuation capacities of these outdoor spaces.

At Artser we have a professional career of more than 25 years. As a specialist in screen printing and digital printing, at Artser we manufacture a wide range of photoluminescent safety signs on different plastic and metallic materials: PVC, aluminum, polycarbonate, canvas, steel, brass, methacrylate, adhesive vinyl, etc.

We are distinguished by the high quality of finishes, because we use the latest generation UVI inks.

We are a company certified with ISO 9001: 2008 by the leading Spanish company in quality certifications AENOR, by iQNe and with the AENOR product certificate, we manufacture in accordance with the UNE regulations in force and we undergo continuous internal and external audits to maintain the quality of our product and company. Artser has also successfully implemented the new ISO 7010.

In addition, as partners of Tecnifuego-AESPI (Spanish Association of Fire Protection Societies), we actively participate in the development of new regulations and we ensure correct compliance with the regulations in force.

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