Fire signage

Fire signage

UNE standard: fire signage that seeks European uniformity

A few years ago the UNE 23033-1: 2019 standard was published based on the pictograms and criteria of the UNE-EN ISO 7010 Standard. The update of this Standard represents a great advance in the field of fire signaling, since it seeks the uniformity at European level of the pictograms, which means an increase in safety in case of fire.


Artserhas adapted all its signals to the new version of theUNE 23-033-2019 standard, thus continuing to offer all the safety signs faithful to compliance with the minimum requirements established in the regulations. In addition, it offers you its best services:

      Immediate professional response to your queries.

      Professional and technical advice.

The sizes of the signals are established according to the distance observed in the following graph:

All the signage ofArtseragainst fires, like all the safety signs that we manufacture, it is completely identified according to the current UNE 23035 standard, in which it has to indelibly identify:

      Manufacturer's name.

      Month and year of manufacture.

      Manufacturing batch.

      Product type and category of the signal.

      Luminescence values.

      Observation distance.

      Application regulations.

InArtser, Whatguarantee of compliance with current regulations, annually passes external audits by Aenor, thus certifying the quality of the products and the management system. The Product Certificate is voluntary for manufacturers and is reflected in all signs with the Aenor N mark. You can check all our certifications in the followinglink.


These and other signs can be found on our website, specifically in ourOnline storein the product category ofsigns of fire equipment and accessoriesand order directly online. If you have doubts or need to install any of these signs in your company or office, you can count on the free advice of our professionals by contactingContactwith them.

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